Oct. 10th 2018 First Official Blockchain day

By Christopher R Rice, Underground Newz

On October 10th, we will have the honor of having Mr. Mounir Mahjoubi opening the 1st Edition of Blockchain Day in Paris. The French politician and entrepreneur serving as the Secretary of State for Digital Affairs will be welcoming business leaders & young businesses, policymakers, regulators and influencers across the globe to Europe’s innovation capital for the largest business network event of the year.

This year’s Keynote Speaker for Blockchain Day will be Pierre Person, french political figure specialized in the regulation of virtual currencies – Député de la 6° circonscription de Paris – “Rapporteur de la mission d’information sur les monnaies virtuelles”. Mr. Person will be kicking off the event as the first keynote of the day, following a series of international experts, interactive panel discussions and solution-based case studies on how the future of business sectors can be decentralized.

The event will be hosted by …

Unrest intensifies in Iraq as Iranian consulate and oil facility stormed

By Aref Mohammed, Raya Jalabi

(Reuters) - Civil unrest fueled by anger against perceived corruption and misrule by Iraq’s political elite intensified across the south of the country on Friday, as protesters stormed the Iranian consulate in Basra while others briefly took workers hostage at a nearby oilfield.

After five days of deadly demonstrations in Basra in which government buildings have been ransacked and set alight, protesters broke in and damaged the consulate’s offices, shouting condemnation of what many perceive as Iran’s sway over Iraq’s political affairs.

Security sources said the consulate was empty when the crowd burst in. Iraq’s Foreign Ministry said the storming of the consulate, which it deeply regretted, had nothing to do with protesters’ demands.

“The targeting of diplomatic missions is unacceptable and detrimental to the interests of Iraq,” said ministry spokesman Ahmed Mahjoub.

Iran, however, blamed Iraq for failing to protect its embassy and said it e…

Wells Fargo whistleblower on fraudulent banking practices

Wells Fargo whistleblower on fraudulent banking practices

Alex Ferrer, host of the CBS "Whistleblower" series, spoke to a former Wells Fargo employee about the fraudulent banking practices that she witnessed. The episode airs tonight at 9/8c on CBS.

Josh Sigurdson talks with author and economic analyst John Sneisen about the countless scandals plaguing Wells Fargo topped by the slumping housing market which is forcing the insolvent bank to lay off 638 mortgage employees.

From creating millions of fake accounts, giving people car insurance when they didn't ask for it and repossessing their cars, foreclosing on 400 homes due to a computer glitch, the list is extensive. Now Wells is laying off countless people and there's no doubt why.

The bubbled housing markets in several major cities which Wells Fargo helped prop up are starting to retreat, or pop if you will. As the housing markets take a turn for the worse, the cash to deposit ratios and countless majo…

Turkey Won’t Fool Investors Twice on Rates


If ever there was any doubt that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan would live up to his electoral promise to take control of monetary policy, there is none now.

About the best thing that can be said for the central bank’s surprise decision to leave the key rate unchanged is that at least they didn’t cut it — after his election Erdogan said that it would fall. Still, he has put his country in a terrible position. Turkey really is uninvestable if its central bank cannot get a grip on runaway inflation.

Economists had forecast a 100 basis point increase to 18.75 percent. To say the lack of a rate hike was a disappointment is understating it. The lira sold off 4 percent to as weak as 4.94 versus the dollar. Ten-year yields hit a shocking 18 percent.
Things Can Only Get Worse From Here Turkey's lira has no friends now that the central bank has given up on inflation.
The thumbprints of the new Finance Minister, Berat Albayrak, perhaps better known as …

Exclusive: Google unveils vetting process for drug rehab ads

By Paresh Dave, Reuters

Google told Reuters Monday it would resume accepting ads from U.S. addiction treatment centers in July, nearly a year after the Alphabet Inc unit suspended the lucrative category of advertisers for numerous deceptive and misleading ads.

Treatment centers now will be able to run ads after being vetted by Portland, Ore. firm LegitScript, Google said.

Interest in treatment for abuse of opioids and other prescription drugs has soared in recent years amid what authorities have described as a nationwide epidemic.

Scammers found that Google ads were an easy way to defraud treatment-seekers in an industry in which regulations vary greatly by jurisdiction, authorities and patient advocacy organizations have said.

Google suspended alcohol and drug treatment advertising on search pages and millions of third-party apps and websites in the U.S. in September, the week after tech publication The Verge posted a lengthy story about scams. Google expanded the prohibit…

Facebook drops after Bank of America removes it

By Jacob Sonenshine, MarketsInsider

Facebook shares are dropping, falling almost 2% Tuesday, to an intraday low of $150.81 apiece.
Tuesday's slide comes after Bank of America Merrill Lynch removed the company from its US 1 list, according to CNBC's Carl Quintanilla, citing FactSet.

Facebook has been under significant pressure since news of the Cambridge Analytica data scandal broke in mid-March. Shares fallen more than 17% since March 19, the first day of trading after news of the scandal surfaced.

On Monday, Pivotal Research's Brian Wieser became latest Wall Street analyst to lower his Facebook price target. He published a note with his new price target of $138 a share, far below the Wall Street consensus of $219.

Facebook is down almost 16% on the year. 

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Five Hidden Dangers of Facebook …

OTC crypto market flourishes, powered by Skype

By Anna Irrera, Jemima Kelly,Reuters

Trading firms are negotiating buying, selling and lending digital currencies like bitcoin and ether over Skype, catering to big investors looking to avoid rocking already volatile online exchanges.

Some 20 traders as well as clients such as wealthy investors, bitcoin miners, payment processors and, increasingly, hedge funds, have in around five years spawned an over-the-counter market moving hundreds of millions of dollars of cryptocurrencies daily, mostly via online messaging, participants told Reuters.

“Generally, you would go trade through an OTC desk when you have a large block trade you want to do without moving the market too much or incurring too much slippage,” said Kevin Zhou, founder of cryptocurrency-focused hedge fund Galois Capital. The traders work at firms including Chicago-based Cumberland Mining, a division of proprietary trading firm DRW Holdings; Goldman Sachs Group Inc (GS.N)-backed bitcoin payments firm Circle an…